Pricing - Volunteer Impact Standard Edition

Typically for organisations operating out of one location.

Volunteer Impact Standard Edition includes all of the following:

Unlimited administrators

A half hour consultation to help you transition into Volunteer Impact

24 x 5 telephone support

24 x 5 plus weekend chat & email support

Searchable knowledgebase with videos

Volunteer Time Clock

Smart phone access for volunteers

Outbound volunteer profile API

Initial Licensing Fee (a one-time charge)
Volunteer Impact Standard Edition £250
Optional Services
Importing contact details £60
Importing custom fields (interests, traits, qualifications etc.) £15 / field
Importing hours – We will need to see the data to provide you with a firm quote £40-£125
Initial setup of custom fields, qualifications, shift templates and branding £150
Administrator Training
Option 1 – Four, forty-five minute personal web meetings £300
Option 2 – Two half day, hands-on sessions at your location
(Recommended when you will have multiple administrators you would like trained)
plus travel costs
Custom training services – When the other options don’t quite fit, we are happy to tailor a custom training program to fit your needs Call us

Annual Subscription Fees and FAQ’s

# of Active
Up to 50 volunteers£80£6.67
Up to 100 volunteers£130£10.83
Up to 150 volunteers£185£15.42
Up to 200 volunteers£220£18.33
Up to 250 volunteers£265£22.08
Up to 300 volunteers£300£25.00
Up to 400 volunteers£360£30.00
Up to 500 volunteers£420£35.00
Up to 600 volunteers£455£37.92
Up to 750 volunteers£510£42.50
Up to 1,000 volunteers£600£50.00
Up to 1,250 volunteers£740£61.67
Up to 1,500 volunteers£875£72.92
Up to 2,000 volunteers£1,120£93.33
Up to 2,500 volunteers£1,290£107.50
Up to 3,000 volunteers£1,440£120.00
Up to 4,000 volunteers£1,675£139.58
Up to 5,000 volunteers£1,915£159.58
Up to 6,000 volunteers£2,140£178.33
Up to 7,000 volunteers£2,310£192.50
Up to 8,000 volunteers£2,435£202.92
Up to 9,000 volunteers£2,560£213.33
Up to 10,000 volunteers£2,625£218.75
Over 10,000 volunteers£260/1,000 vols£21.67/1,000 vols


What payment methods do you accept?

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, cheque, BACS or invoice (main method).

Do the above prices include VAT?

No, VAT will be added on top of the prices above.

Once my organisation purchases, how long will it take to set it up?

It is reasonable for you to have your database ready to launch within 30-days or less, depending on whether or not you have data we need to import and how many different volunteer positions you have. And, we’re here to help!

Is my organisation billed monthly or annually?

Your organisation will be billed once each year to renew your software subscription.

How will I know what my organisation will be billed each year?

Approximately 45 days before your anniversary date an invoice is generated based on the number of volunteers in your database whose status is Accepted or Inactive (On leave); using the pricing tiers listed to the left. Volunteers listed as Applicant, In Process or Archived do not factor into the amount you get billed. Your anniversary date will be the first day of the month after your purchase.



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