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We are a small but global company dedicated to helping nonprofits, charities and government agencies accomplish their missions. Our team is proud to develop Better Impact's volunteer software, CRM, and database systems.

Tony Goodrow

C.E.O. / Consultant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Founded the team in 2001
  • I love to sail.
  • Writing and playing a little music helps keep me creative.
  • Favorite volunteer experience – Founding Chair of a residential hospice.
  • Passionate about helping organizations reach their potential and am thankful that I get to do this for a living.
  • A big believer in the value volunteers bring to organization and developed the Relative Impact model of measuring ROI to quantify that value. or Ext.120

Andy Fryar

Consultant & Account Manager (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2009
  • I’m a travel nut and an admitted wine ‘snob.’ Travel to wine regions is the ultimate!
  • 30+ years in the volunteer management space & passionate about driving the profession forward.
  • Founder of OzVPM (Australasian Volunteer Program Management) and a former President of Volunteering Australia.
  • Co-author of Volunteer Program Management: An Essential Guide (3rd edition).
  • With 9 kids and step kids – family is an important part of my life.
  • I’m most satisfied when I make a real difference for a Volunteer Manager and their program.

Christina Mychajliw

Consultant / Trainer (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2018
  • Running is my one constant. From college hurdles to mid-life marathons, it grounds me in whatever form it takes.
  • Next adventure is indulging the artist within.
  • Believe everyone has the ability to strengthen the communities they live, work, and play in.
  • Professional fundraiser for ten years; volunteer manager for two. Thrilled to help others feed their passions volunteering, donating, and advocating for causes they believe in. or Ext 130.

Rob Bonesteel

CVA, Consultant / Trainer (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2014
  • I love Chicago and want everyone to love it too. I believe it is my responsibility to help visitors experience the best that my city has to offer. Just let me know you’re coming!
  • Some people describe me as a geek and a gamer. There isn’t a game I won’t try, however I do prefer German styled board games.
  • Often you will find me out riding my Triumph motorcycle.
  • Finally, I’m passionate about making the world a better place to live in. I’ve done this through service in the military, volunteering and work in the non-profit sector. My most recent position was as the Midwest Regional Volunteer Director for The Salvation Army in the USA. or Ext 124

Amy Weiner

Account Manager (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2016
  • Raised on the Gulf Coast but have been in Columbus, Ohio for much of my adult life. Go Buckeyes!
  • I am the proud mom of two teenage boys and have actively volunteered with their Boy Scout troop for the past 12 years. One is an Eagle Scout and the other is getting close.
  • Love the warmer months when I can spend time outside gardening, sticking my toes in the sand on a beach somewhere or riding bikes with my family.
  • I am at home in the kitchen and love to bake and cook. I’m always trying something new! or Ext 128

Thomas Brindle

Sales & Support Consultant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2019
  • Passionate about helping others and sharing skills to achieve goals and objectives
  • Currently residing in London but a proud northerner!
  • My favourite football team is Manchester United
  • Love to travel, explore, cook and learn new things in life wherever possible or ext.150

Andrew Foster

Trainer / Consultant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2008
  • Raised in southern Ontario but also lived in England where half of my family live.
  • Actor, musician, traveler, linguist and voice impersonator.  I love any opportunity to travel and explore.
  • I have acted in television, films, and on the stage.  It is always a pleasure providing entertainment.
  • Proud fan of Star Trek and Coronation Street.
  • Twelve years of experience training on Volunteer Impact.  I’m passionate about learning and sharing that passion with our clients.
  • This old dog loves learning new tricks!
  • Knows the difference between a café and a coffee house in the Netherlands. or Ext 121

Jose Batista

Accountant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2014
  • A musician in my spare time and have been playing music since the age of 5.
  • Love Sudoku puzzles, roulette, Microsoft Excel and basically anything to do with numbers and statistics. or Ext 126

Karen Buenger

Trainer / Consultant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2016
  • My world turns for my family – my daughter, son and wonderful husband. – We love to travel far or near – Overseas to Germany to visit family or just to the Barossa in the caravan for the weekend.
  • I love cooking, drawing, journaling, playing my guitar, food, wine and playing games with friends
  • I’ve been working in the Volunteer Management space for 15 years.
  • Previous President of AAMoV (Australasian Association for Managers of Volunteers) and a current board member for VSA&NT (Volunteering South Australia & Northern Territory)

Dahlia Opala

Trainer/ Consultant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the Australian team in July 2019 after being a Volunteer Impact Enterprise Administrator for an Australian organisation for the last 2 years.
  • My background is in Education, Festival and Event management specialising in staff and volunteer management, logistics, training and project collaboration.
  • Passionate about best practices and standards in Volunteer Management and engaging children and youth in volunteering.
  • I am a natural creative and have performed in and directed live performances as well as visual design and making for film, installation and VR production. I also love drawing, especially animals and insects.
  • In my downtime, I live a quiet life with my partner James & step-daughter Charlotte and love spending time with my family, friends and in my garden with our plants, Rhodesian Ridgeback and chickens.

Dan Plaskon

VP and Coder (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2001
  • Proud father of two wonderful girls and a lucky husband as well. 🙂
  • A huge believer in the benefits of reading as much as possible — I love to learn new things.
  • I enjoy going for long runs in the country as often as I can – nothing leaves me feeling more energized! or Ext 123

Patrick McQuay

Front End Coder (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2015
  • A certified car nut. I enjoy working on my project car in my spare time.
  • When I’m not doing that, I love to be outdoors – camping, hiking and canoeing with my family.
  • I also love to read, mostly science fiction and some fantasy.

Patricia Vandermeer

Front End Coder (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2009
  • Nature and martial arts enthusiast.
  • Photography hobbyist.
  • Yes, I’m the one in blue. or Ext 122

Adam Pacey

Front End Developer
  • Joined the team in 2020
  • I am proud to be born from Hamilton and checking out the local art and eating scene.
  • I’m passionate about web development & design.
  • I enjoy cottaging and hiking with my family.
  • In my downtime i can be found playing video games or watching movies.
  • Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica.

Brandi Zoskey

Account Manager (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2012
  • Family first. I’d much rather be out making memories with loved ones than folding laundry – it can wait!
  • Played competitive soccer including national championships, a soccer scholarship to Western Michigan University and a trip to the World Master Games in Australia.
  • Now I enjoy coaching my son’s youth soccer team and passing on the love of the game.
  • I’m more of a non-fiction fan when it comes to books. “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey is my all-time fave! or Ext 125

Cameron Segger

French Sales & Support Consultant (& Client Support Agent)
  • Joined the team in 2020
  • I grew up in Toronto, and have also lived in the UK, Newfoundland and now Hamilton, Ontario.
  • I have studied French (linguistics and translation), Business Analysis and Business Administration, with a focus on information systems and sustainability.
  • I’ve spent half of my career working in service of non-profit organizations.
  • I have traveled extensively, spent a gap year in Europe, worked as a ski technician in the French Alps and volunteered at an ecological reserve in Costa Rica.
  • I love exploring public spaces and discovering street art.
  • Ultimate frisbee, alpine skiing, board games, escape rooms, sci-fi and fantasy lit: these are my idea of a good time.
  • I use he/him pronouns or ext. 116

Shannon MacKenzie

Member Support Agent
  • Joined the team in 2019
  • I am basically the walking definition of an extrovert and a proud Western Alum…Go Mustangs!
  • My career has been divided between kinesiology and volunteer management, with my most recent position being with Habitat for Humanity. It was at Habitat that my knowledge and passion for the Better Impact software developed, and I love sharing this with others!
  • I love most sports, but fastball, curling and basketball are my favourites, and I have been blessed to be a part of many incredible teams throughout the years!
  • Through volunteering, I have worked with a variety of organizations both locally and internationally. From festivals, to building, teaching English and coaching. I like to take on new challenges and meet new people! or Ext 132

Kristi Basic

Digital Media Producer
  • Joined the team in 2019
  • Travelling with my husband is the best thing in the world for me – some of my favourite places have been Japan, Costa Rica, and Paris, France! Next stop: Sweden!
  • I’m a big reader, especially the sci-fi and fantasy genres – my all time favourite is the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown!
  • I’m always happy to learn new things and share that knowledge with others!
  • Inter Milan is my favourite soccer team! or ext. 129

Adeyinka Jegede

Compliance and Systems Specialist
  • Joined the team in 2020
  • I am a Certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) with ISACA Gold Level membership.
  • My greatest motivation is making an impact wherever I find myself.
  • I love teaching and engaging in intellectually tasking challenges, I guess that earned me the nickname “Prof”.
  • I am an actor, theatre/movie director and producer. I love the arts, especially theatre and classical music.
  • That’s my daughter in the background. She’s got two older brothers and still wants two sisters and one more brother (still discussing with my wife). I call her my Princess Fifi, she made reading bed time stories my recent hobby, sometimes I have to read 4 books before she goes to bed.
  • I love my family, great, happy and interesting guys to have around. or ext. 127

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