Client Impact

Client Management Software (option module for Volunteer Impact)

What are you looking for in your next client management software?

✓ Intuitive interface

✓ Knowledgeable and friendly support online or by phone

✓ Customised client profiles and organisation profiles

✓ Direct associations between volunteers and clients

✓ Tracking and reporting on hours, outputs, feedback

✓ Individual and mass targeted communications

✓ Desktop and mobile online portals for applicable clients

✓ HIPAA compliance

Client Impact Overview

Client Impact Feature Overview

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Client Profiles

* Comprehensive contact information
* Unlimited custom fields of various types
* Client photo
* Find client profiles from any screen

Organisation Configurations

* Unlimited number of administrators
* Ability to limit functions available to administrators
* Custom branding of a client portal
* Social media feeds

Tracking and Reporting

* Custom reporting based on client interactions
* Association between specific volunteers and clients
* Save search queries on frequently used reports
* All data exportable to Excel for advanced reporting

Individual & Targeted Mass Communications

* Email clients directly from the software
* Email clients based on a customisable set of filters
* Merge ‘First Name’ into email
* Dress up your emails tables, fonts, color, pictures
* Record of emails stored in the software
* Send text messages

Desktop & Mobile Online Client Portals

* Clients (who access the internet) can update their contact details
* Keep clients up to date with news that affects them
* Brand the portal to your organisation’s look

Awesome Support by Phone and Online

* 24×5 Phone support and chat support
* Weekend email support
* Searchable online user manual with videos
* Over 125 years of nonprofit sector experience
* Onsite and web meeting training available

Professional Data Hosting & Protection

* Part of your HIPAA compliance strategies
* Data encrypted in transit over the internet
* (256bit backwards compatible to 128bit)
* Passwords encrypted (such that not even we can read them)
* 24x7x365 server monitoring for intrusion attempts & prevention
* Data hosted in a CSAE4316 certified environment
* Penetration tests on our servers run annually
* 5 year uptime of 99.996%

Enterprise Functionality

* For organisations with multiple locations / departments
* Allow some decentralised configuration within your accounts
* Centralise appropriate configuration options across your entire system
* Produce reports across selected or all accounts
* Communicate with clients across selected or all accounts
* Email templates available to all accounts

Fully Integrated with Volunteer Impact

* Associate specific volunteers with specific clients
* Control what client data associated volunteers can see
* Collect reporting feedback on clients from volunteers
* Restrict or grant administrative access to Volunteer Impact

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