Community Impact

Systems for advertising volunteer opportunities for use by various types of volunteer centres.

Community Impact can be used by any sort of volunteer centre seeking to help volunteers find the right organisation and right volunteer opportunity in their community. Organisations can add their volunteer opportunities to the database. Volunteers can search all of the opportunities based on a variety of criterion and register or sign in to send their contact information off to their chosen organisation.

Organisations can add their own volunteer opportunities

In a few simple steps, your member organisations can add, edit or remove their volunteer opportunities from display in the system.

Volunteers can search in all kinds of ways

Organisation name – Type of organisation – Type of task – How often they would be expected to help – For how long they would be committing to help – Local community – Time of day / day of week – Age suitability – Individual vs. group applicability, Key word.

Bulk email functionality for volunteer centres

To organisation administrators or to volunteers (all or a filtered set based on a wide range of criterion).

Customisable volunteer profiles

You can add custom fields to the volunteer’s profile and share the information filled in those fields with member agencies.

Share centralised data on criminal background check

If desirable, share criminal background check status with organisations where the volunteer applies (when entered by the volunteer centre).

Logos of some volunteer centers using Community Impact.

Would you like to learn more?

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