Enterprise Client Software

If your volunteers are spread across many locations and the interact directly with your agency’s, Client Impact can help you keep all of your relevant information in one place and make it easy to provide volunteers with the information they need.

Ease of use

If you are familiar with Volunteer Impact, you already know how easy Client Impact will be to use. If you are not familiar with Volunteer Impact, check it out here.

Create direct associations between volunteers and clients

Do your volunteers work directly with your patients? If so, you can create direct associations between them and volunteers can report on patient conditions after every interaction.


Track whatever you need about your clients

Client Impact gives you access to an unlimited number of custom fields so you can record anything you’d like, from needs to family notes to a photograph. Report locally or across the Enterprise.

Fully Integrated with Volunteer Impact and Donor Impact

If your hospice also uses Volunteer Impact and Donor Impact, administrative access can be exclusively with donors, volunteers, clients or any combination of the three.


Want to try our new software?

Donor Impact is currently in development. We are welcoming large organizations as beta testers of features currently available and of additional features as we release them. Those who join the beta testing group will be grandfathered into annual fees that will be 50% of the final release fees.

Would you like to learn more and see a demonstration?