Your volunteers are often the face of the theatre. Let’s work together to give everyone the best experience around. Our very first member was a theatre (the Oklahoma Civic Center Music Hall) and we are thrilled to be still helping them today, fourteen years later!

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From application to interview, and on to inductions and scheduling, Volunteer Impact can help you get more done in less time.

Simplify scheduling

You can schedule volunteers yourself or let them self-schedule within the roles you decide they can fill.

Communicate with ease

You can email all volunteers or filter such as all Ushers, or any on (or not on) the schedule this Friday night… or just about anything else.

Reduce the time required to generate reports

With our application and scheduling program, your theater volunteers can punch-in using a time-clock interface. The tracking software feeds hours and volunteer numbers directly into reports.

Some theaters that use our volunteer software

What your peers say...

“We’ve used Volunteer Impact since 2006 and we’ve loved it! The customer service has always been impressive, including prompt replies, professional and friendly people and they go out of their way to ensure satisfaction. We can’t praise them enough for this!”
Aronoff Center - USA
“Volunteer Impact has been our choice since 2004. It’s the best program on the market and we couldn’t run our program as effectively without it!”
Oklahoma Historical Society - USA
“I can’t remember what life was like without this software! We love that volunteers can get automated email reminders for upcoming assignments and the continuous enhancements Better Impact makes to the software.”
The Washington Center for the Performing Arts - USA

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