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Jul. 26, 2017

Stephanie Polito

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Better Impact is the way to go!
When I was brought on as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, I started with Volgistics. As I’m sure you all know, learning a new system can have its challenges. However, I was also told that we would be transitioning to Better Impact within a few months of me transitioning into my new role. I can admit, I was nervous. I had finally conquered Volgistics, and now I was given the “fun” task of learning a new system. That’s when I met Rob. Rob is a Better Impact guru. He was the one who helped train me through the entire process. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive. Not to mention, he will provide some humor to your training. The training’s will teach you everything you need to know. Plus, if you find that you have an urgent question, their team is there to assist 24/7. The flexibility of the system is really impressive. It lets you customize your volunteer portal to your liking: design scheme, banner, application, how you want hours logged, etc. I feel that by switching to Better Impact we are not only getting more for our money, but we are also developing a personal relationship with the Better Impact team. Their team truly values customer input and are always looking for ways to improve their system. I am grateful to Rob for keeping me motivated and offering words of encouragement along the way. Better Impact is the way to go!

Stephanie P
Pacific Marine Mammal Center
Volunteer & Membership Coordinator

Jul. 24, 2017

Lesleigh Gilmour

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Better Impact is FANTASTIC!!!!
Better Impact has made our department’s life so much easier. We can streamline upcoming volunteer opportunities, volunteers can enter their own hours instead of my two person department entering them, running reports for grants, insurance, etc. is so much easier… I just can’t say how awesome I think this program is.

Jul. 18, 2017

Barb Boman

Vancouver Coastal Health

Innovative company
Great support, Always improving software, Listens to users of their products. Highly recommend them if you need superior volunteer management software.

Jul. 18, 2017

Charity Powell

The Salvation Army – Alton, IL

Program is easy enough to use and…
Program is easy enough to use and maintain. Only complaint is the website is not as visually appealing to those who sign-up as it could be. Otherwise great program with great features.

Jul. 14, 2017

Lysa Yarusewicz

North Central Hospice and Palliative Care

Grateful for Better Impact in my program
An easy product to start from jump or to walk into the middle of! There is so much functionality and the customer service is excellent.

Jul. 7, 2017

Bill Doyle

City of Playford

Useful management software
We use Better Impact for managing our teams of volunteers across a range of activities in our council, and it has greatly facilitated both our hours management and record keeping tasks.

Jul. 6, 2017

City of Thunder Bay

A Great System with First-Class Customer Service
My experience with Better Impact has been outstanding. The software is effective and has been easy to use for us. Their support is fast, efficient and friendly – and when I say fast, I mean faster than the support for any other program or software I’ve ever worked with. It’s a treat to work with such an effective program and staff and to receive such a high level of support. Highly recommended.

Jul. 3, 2017

Becky Elias

Hands down the best customer service
Hands down the best customer service! Not only has this product made managing our volunteers easier, they are constantly improving the software and taking ideas for improvement from the customers.

Jul. 1, 2017

Blair Bazdarich

San Francisco Zoo

Better Impact is amazing
Better Impact is amazing. Most of all, the customer service and training processes have been extremely helpful! We could never had made the transition from paper application forms and data in excel to an all-inclusive system like this without the help! Everything is user-friendly and intuitive, and my volunteers love it – there is not a steep learning curve so the on-boarding process went very well. Plus, they are open to adding new features, depending on what you need!

Jun. 20, 2017

Kim Smith

Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce

I cannot imagine a better system
I cannot imagine a better system to organize our volunteers and record the hours they are logging. It is also perfect for keeping all members of our 24-hour operation informed of whom to expect and when.