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Apr. 11, 2017


Loving BI…
The system is not perfect for our needs, what makes it worth the 5 stars though is the speed with which our questions are answered and feedback is taken up.

Apr. 10, 2017

Corina Sadler, CVA

City of Plano

Love this company
I have been using Better Impact for the last 9 years, it is the BEST software for my volunteer program which has about 2,000 online profiles each year. They really listen to their customers and implement feedback continually into the software.

Apr. 5, 2017

Marcus R

Excellent customer service.
Excellent customer service.

The help team are always on hand and LISTENING to clients RE: constant improvements. The software is very powerful and keeps getting better.

I would recommend Better Impact to any volunteer manager in any organisation.

Apr. 5, 2017

Steve Pullen

Royal Horticultural Society

Review of Better Impact
Great system, easy to use and implement, first class help desk and staff which is set up really well. Our Volunteers are embracing the change the system has delivered in a really positive way.

Apr. 5, 2017


Better Impact is a volunteer ICT system…
Better Impact is a volunteer ICT system and it does what it says on the tin. It’s full customisable so give you flexibility to write your own custom fields in to suit your service/organisational needs. We’ve been using this now for quite a few years and wouldn’t change it. They’ve upgrade to have a client module which is great for what we need, it allows you to associate a volunteer with a client 🙂

Their support is excellent and someone always gets back to you if you have a question or an issue.

Apr. 4, 2017


Customer Service = 120%
Apart from the software itself, which is constantly being updated with suggestions from actual users and is customisable for each organisation’s needs, it’s the customer service that makes it a pleasure to use Better Impact. The instant messaging service means that your query will be answered, if not resolved, within minutes. I recommend Better Impact to all of my networks!

Apr. 4, 2017


Always prompt response and direction given.

Apr. 4, 2017

Meghan Kaskoun

Cincinnati Arts Association

Excellent product
Excellent product, excellent, friendly and immediate customer service. I’ve used it for 12 years and can’t conceive of using anything else. Volunteers find it super intuitive and user friendly.

Apr. 4, 2017


We have used this software since 2006
We have used this software since 2006. The software is easy to use, captures the many requirements for successfully managing volunteers, and can be used by many persons within one organization. Staff and volunteers can access from anywhere as it is internet based.

The various types of reports that can be generated from this software are great tools.

The Customer Service is excellent, always happy to help, respond quickly and resolve any issues immediately. I would highly recommend this company to anyone in the field of Volunteer Management.

Apr. 4, 2017


We’ve only just started our …

We’ve only just started our relationship with Better Impact, but they’ve already been a tremendous help. Customer service is instantaneous and always helpful. The database is rich and full of video tutorials which makes it so much easier than reading mass blocks of instructional text. The system itself is amazing compared to what we’ve used in the past and every day we find new features and helpful functions to use.