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Apr. 4, 2017


Better Impact is AMAZING

Better Impact is AMAZING! It’s incredibly user-friendly and accurate. I recommend this software to everyone I know who manages volunteers. Not only is it a highly reliable resource, but their customer service is AWESOME! Quick, helpful responses and super accessible. Better Impact is simply the BEST!!

Apr. 4, 2017


Generally my experience of the team has…

Generally my experience of the team has been very positive. Staff seem willing to assist where they can. Good work.

Apr. 3, 2017



Fantastic service, amazing software amazing people. The software is a lifesaver and provides such a professional service. User friendly and all our volunteers LOVE IT!!!!! I cannot live without it now!!

Apr. 3, 2017

Mike Feszczak – Volunteer Manager

City of Onkaparinga

Better Impact for better volunteer management
Better Impact enables us to manage our volunteers effectively, keep accurate records and produce reports which are aligned to our KPI’s.
It is also an excellent tool for communicating with volunteers and linked partners.
It has had the added benefit of making our volunteers feel more professional and a more involved part of our organisation.

Apr. 3, 2017


Awesome volunteer management system
Flexible, customisable, excellent and quick support, great updates listening to users about what will make the system better or more efficient. an intuitive system that is easy to teach volunteers and staff to use. Wouldn’t want to use any other system.

Apr. 3, 2017


Better Impact for best practice!
Better Impact for best practice!
The Better Impact software system enables us to manage our volunteer program to meet National Standards, from managing risk through to reward and recognition.
Creating rosters and managing hours, both tasks that have previously occupied many hours of the coordinator’s time have become a thing of the past with volunteers managing their own rosters and recording hours through the timeclock function. A real time saver!