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Better Impact, in partnership with Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd, would like to offer you the opportunity of holding a free workshop with Rob Jackson, a leading consultant in the world of volunteering at your Volunteer Centre! This will be followed by a demonstration of our volunteer management software, Volunteer Impact, showing those who are involved in managing volunteers how the software can help improve efficiencies within their organisation.

The workshop will be 90 minutes long and you can choose from a variety of topics listed below. After the workshop we will hold an optional demonstration of Volunteer Impact Software, showing how it’s use can help make organisations more efficient, enabling them to make an even better impact with their volunteer programme. This is an optional demonstration, those attending may stay for the demonstration if they believe it is relevant to them.

To sign up please fill out the form below. Workshops will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.


Listed below are the workshop topics available – you can select your preferred option when filling out the online form below.

Measuring volunteering

This session explores the development of methods for measuring the contribution volunteers make to an organisation and society. We’ll explore how those methods work, their pros and cons, why Volunteer Managers should measure volunteering and how to use the data you produce.

How to develop as a Volunteer Manager

What do you want from a career in working with volunteers? Do you even see volunteer management as a career or just a step towards something else? How can you take control of your professional development? Drawing on his own personal career journey, Rob will help you focus on how you can develop as volunteer manager and what options are available to you to make your goals happen.

Ten top tips for making your organisation attractive to volunteers

We’ll explore ten key areas you can focus on to make your organisation even better at getting great volunteers. From the importance of simply thanking volunteers to principles of leadership and why good customer care is important, this workshop will confirm some essentials and give you new ideas to try.

The Philosophy of Volunteering

There is nothing as practical as a good theory. In this workshop you’ll have the chance to explore what you believe about volunteering – what it is, what it isn’t, why you think that – and consider what this might mean for your work as a volunteer manager. The workshop will be highly interactive and is always a bit provocative and a lot of fun.

Understanding and engaging 21st century volunteers

Volunteering today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. This session will look at some of the key ways in which society is changing and how these changes affect volunteerism. However, just exploring these changes isn’t enough. We will also discuss what leaders of volunteers can do to update their practices to accommodate these changes, further enhancing their engagement and retention of 21st century volunteers.

Customer Service and volunteering

Just like anything else a volunteer programme need to provide great customer service. Whether to existing volunteers, staff colleagues or a public interesting in giving you time, there is no excuse for not giving great service. This workshop will help you understand the importance of good customer service in volunteer programmes and consider what you can do to improve the service you provide.

Terms and Conditions

• The Volunteer Centre (VC) is to provide an acceptable room for the workshop, with a screen or surface to project upon, as well as access to internet/wifi

• The VC should be able to enlist a minimum of 10 attendees for the workshop (we will require a list of attendees 7 days prior to workshop)

• Better Impact will provide a demonstration of Volunteer Impact software at the end of workshop (this is optional for attendees to stay for)

• Better Impact and Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd are happy if you would like to charge attendees for the workshop

• VCs must copy Better Impact in on any communication sent to organisations regarding the event

• If at any point the VC does not comply with these terms BI is able to retract the event offer

• This offer is for selected VCs only

If you have any questions please contact Kate tel:020 3014 0226 ext 152

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