Member Impact Lessons with Daniel

You can book any of the lessons below by clicking the one you’d like and selecting a date and time. You will be logged into your Trial account and share your screen as Daniel guides you through your lesson.

Lessons Help You:

  • Get started
  • Commit to spending time in your trial account
  • Understand how to navigate and use the software
  • Build your confidence so you feel comfortable working independently
  • Start to see your account come to life and represent your program and organisation

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Lesson #1: Member Registration Form
This is a key step in making use of your trial account.
You will learn how to create the necessary elements of your online registration form in the software.
Lesson #2: Onboarding New Members
If you have additional steps for your members to complete prior to being welcomed into your program (eg. fee payment, interview, etc.), we'll work together to set up such data fields for your tracking in your account.
Lesson #3: Member Profiles
This is a key step in making use of your trial account.
During this lesson we will determine how you'd prefer to have people/profiles exist in your account (eg. you manually add them, have Daniel import fake profiles, etc.) and then take action to making that happen accordingly. Once profiles exist, you will be introduced to the variety of data you can house within a profile.
Lesson #4: Search & Find Member
You will learn how to search and find members in your account and pin your regular/common searches to your dashboard.
Lesson #5: Communicating with Members
You will learn various ways you can communicate with your members, pinning these communication groups to your dashboard, and creating email templates.
Lesson #6: Reports (Members/Program)
You will learn how to generate a variety of reports and pinning your commonly used reports to your dashboard.
Lesson #7: Custom Session (Member Impact)
During this session, Daniel will address any specific areas of your trial experience with which you’d like assistance.