Upgrade your subscription to PLUS!

Take advantage of some extra features and benefits

Annual account review by one of our consultants to look for ways you could get more out of our software
Annual refresher training (new staff or new features etc)1 Hour4 Hours
Unlimited outbound text messaging
Folders for the Document Library
Option to select which administrator(s) receive shift sign up and cancellation notices
Optional IP restrictions to limit administrator access to the system
You can optionally require your administrators to use two-factor authentication for logging on to their profiles.
Regional account structure (a mid-tier level between the top level and the account level)
Administration security level with access to configuration but without access to data

Standard PLUS Annual Subscription*

*This would replace your current subscription. A prorated amount would be charged in your first year based on where you are in your subscription year.

Up to 50 volunteers£420
Up to 100 volunteers£504
Up to 150 volunteers£576
Up to 200 volunteers£612
Up to 250 volunteers£672
Up to 300 volunteers£720
Up to 400 volunteers£792
Up to 500 volunteers£947
Up to 600 volunteers£995
Up to 750 volunteers£1,091
Up to 1,000 volunteers£1,211
Up to 1,250 volunteers£1,403
Up to 1,500 volunteers£1,607
Up to 2,000 volunteers£1,943
Up to 2,500 volunteers£2,183
Up to 3,000 volunteers£2,399
Up to 4,000 volunteers£2,735
Up to 5,000 volunteers£3,059
Up to 6,000 volunteers£3,395
Up to 7,000 volunteers£3,635
Up to 8,000 volunteers£3,791
Up to 9,000 volunteers£3,971
Up to 10,000 volunteers£4,091

Enterprise PLUS Annual Subscription

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